Tour Planner for a Trip to Badami

Karnataka is filled with architectural heritage and ruins, monuments and shrines. Badami in Bagalkot district of Karnataka is one such destination famous for its architectural grandeur. Erstwhile capital of Badami Chalukya rulers from 547AD-757 AD , Badami also goes by the pseudonym Vatapi and its center revolves round a steep sloped valley on the banks of Agastya lake and extremely renowned for its rock cut cave temples and memorials. A trip to Badami can be covered in a day or two and it is situated at a distance of 130 kilometers from World Heritage Site in Hampi, Karnataka. The cost estimate of this trip might start from INR 2500 and vary according to individual preferences.

Tourists can avail a pick and drop from Hospet railway station or Bus terminus situated very close to Hampi and proceeds to Badami, or they can visit Badami after paying a visit to Hampi. The first day of the trip begins with a drive to Badami and en route tourists can visit Pattadakal; also a World Heritage Site famous for its 10 historical temples dating back to Chalukya period and a creation of theirs along with the incredibly famous Virupaksheswara Temple devoted to Lord Vishnu. Tourists can also stopover at Aihole to observe over a 100 temples spread across the area dubbed as ‘Birthplace of Indian Architecture’. Upon reaching Badami, tourists are taken for a tour of the cave temples.

Set against a backdrop of sandstone mounds, beautiful lakes and lush greenery, Badami is favored for its rock cut cave temples , 4 in number out of which the first cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered the oldest and the architecture is carved out of red sandstone. There are also sculptures of Lord Shiva and Parvati and dancing poses of the Lord. The 2nd cave temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu as Trivikrama and his role of being the master of the universe along with several manifestations. Filled with frescos and paintings and architecture, these cave temples are a mix of Dravidian and Nagara styles. The 3rd cave temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu; the 4th is devoted to Parasnath and Mahavira, Jain Tirthankaras.

The journey concludes for the day with overnight stay at a hotel in Badami and then begins the next day with local sightseeing comprising the Bhuthnath Temple situated along Badami Lake dating back to 5th Century. Next, visit Badami Fort, Malegatti Shivalaya and Buddhist Cave Temple. This is followed by visits to Dattatreya Temple, Banashankari Temple and Mallikarjun Temple, all marvellous creations of the era bygone. Tourists are also encouraged to visit a Dargah, Yellamma Temple, Agastya Tirtha Temple, Jambhulinga Temple with Trikutchala architecture and Vista Point to catch a bird’s eye view of the heritage site below. The trip comes to an end here and tourists are transported back to Hospet from where they can board a bus or train to reach Bangalore and head home.

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