Best Places For Solo Women Travellers in Karnataka

India is a veritable cornucopia of beautiful destinations – for both men and women! Rich climatic and cultural diversity makes India one of the most cherished and often visited places in the whole world. A recent trend in global tourism has been the solo travelling undertaken by women from all parts of the world. Shedding their traditional dependency on men and insecurity about travelling alone, women have come out in the open to explore the uncharted territories of the world.

In India, especially, a woman does not necessarily need a companion to travel – the various aspects of the nation’s cultural diversity that one can learn on the way is enough food for thought on any trip. In this article, we focus on Karnataka in India and its best destination for solo women travellers.


Best places for solo women travellers in Karnataka

Talk about history, culture and ancient heritage – and Hampi in Karnataka straightaway comes to mind. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the quaint charm of this small village in southern India is mesmerizing in its own ways. The site was once a famous seat of Hinduism in the country in the 16the century, under the aegis of the Vijaynagar Empire. Krishnadevaraya’s illustrious reign in the southern parts of the country had taken Hampi to the very zenith of prosperity. Hindu temples and ancient monuments, presently in dilapidated condition are to be seen dotting the landscape of Hampi. Some of the most famous among them are Virupaksha Temple, Underground Shiva Temple and Nandi Statue. The nearby Hemakuta Hills and Queen’s Statue are also notable destinations for tourists.


Best places for solo women traveler in Karnataka

Considered to be one of the safest places for women in the whole country, Mysore is also the ‘cultural capital of Karnataka’. A woman traveller with a unique taste of Indian culture and irrepressible desire to know about it ought to make a visit to Mysore a top priority in her travelling agenda. In the olden days, Mysore used to be the seat of Hindu kingdoms of the south, and the royal patronage extended by the rulers to the art and architecture of this place is still distinctly visible at many places. The streets are bustling with people all throughout the day, and women are unlikely to ever feel unsafe here.


Best tourist spots for solo women travelers

India is often considered unfit for travelling owing to the alarming levels of pollution in some of the urban areas. But here, in Coorg, one finds a completely different scenario. The clean air of the hillside can make you fall in love with this place instantly! Located in the Western Ghats, Coorg is one of the most ecologically sensitive and cared for regions in the whole country. Acres of coffee plantations and the sweet aroma emanating from therein is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

Women are especially likely to be enthralled by the magnificent fusion of waterfalls, forested tracts and the ancient Kodagu culture of Coorg. Take a walk around the coffee fields or visit the Nagarhole National Park or stare at the gorgeous Abbey Falls or get immersed in idle reveries in the Buddhist Golden Temple – if you are a woman travelling alone, you are never likely to feel ‘alone’ in Coorg!


Best places for solo women travellers in Karnataka

Women most often find themselves worn out by the daily rigour of life. Peace of mind becomes too elusive to find in the hustle and bustle of the mundane chores of life. And if you are a woman who needs to put her mind at peace with the surroundings, go no further than Gokarana in Karnataka’s Uttar Kannada district. Expansive beaches and availability of cheap accommodation has turned Gokarna into an isolated location to a sought after tourist destination in the state. Like Coorg, Gokarna too is ecologically sensitive and the tourism industry operates within reasonable limits.

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